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I've been an artist my whole life. My collages use printed ephemera to serve as a kind of time machine. The eclectic nature of old books, brochures, images and documents–all of these are fascinating to me, and help to inform my work. These bits and pieces have been stuck in the dark, collecting dust, and I uncover and combine them, giving them new life. I'm constantly channeling the child inside of me to maintain a sense of wonder in my work. The evolving themes that I explore include conflict, military defense, space travel, consumerism, as well as human and mechanical relationships and the full range of emotions from joy to grief and everything in between. An ongoing conversation between past, present and future. 

My decades of experience in branding and advertising as an award-winning Creative Director is where I honed my skill in wielding an x-acto knife to create timeless works that connect with viewers in a personal way. People are often surprised to find that my work is created by hand because of the precision. The graphic design quality that shows up in many pieces also comes from those hard earned years of experience that started just before the dawn of the Mac.

Glen creating art.

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Glen in his home studio.

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